Cold arctic air will hold grip on Wirral this week


A week ago temperatures hit over 20C and it was warmer than Athens in Greece.

Fast forward seven days and the picture is much different as Arctic air continues to hold its grip on the UK.

Snow and hail hit parts of Wirral and the North West during Easter Monday and the below average temperatures are expected to continue.

It will be a freezing start to Tuesday with temperatures at a chilly 2C and with the wind chill it will feel closer to -3C.

For the rest of the week temperatures will remain in single figures.

Chief Meteorologist, Dan Suri, said: “The Met Office has been signalling a dramatic change in weather type for several days, with very cold air moving from the Arctic through Sunday night, bringing snow showers and freezing overnight temperatures and all accompanied by strong northerly winds accentuating the cold.


“Although snow showers will predominantly affect the north and north west, they could occur almost anywhere in the UK early this week, at least temporarily.  

“Some areas will remain drier and see few, if any, showers, for example: the southeastern quarter of England and the Central Belt of Scotland.

“Even in southern parts of the UK daytime maximum temperatures will struggle to rise above 9.0 °C, and although this region is likely to remain drier, the occasional wintry shower cannot be ruled out.”

Temperatures are expected to remain below average for the coming week.

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