Temperatures set to heat up on Wirral as highs of 14C expected


The weather has been very cold recently as colder air from the east sent temperatures plummeting over the weekend.

Snow gave Wirral a dusting over the weekend as daytime temperatures fell as low as -2C.

But there’s good news for those that want some warmer weather.

By next week temperatures will warm up by 16C according to the latest forecasts.

By Tuesday the 23rd February milder air will warm up the country and Wirral will see highs of 14C with sunny spells, some parts of the UK could see highs of nearly 17C.


The Met Office said: “Outbreaks of rain will spread across northern and some western areas of the UK during Saturday, with sunny spells and very mild conditions for the southeast.

“Into the following week a pattern develops that puts the UK into a broad northwest to southeast split, with the northwest more likely to see rainfall and strong winds at times, and the east and southeast more likely to remain dry, fine, and settled.

“By the end of February and into early March most of the UK will probably become dry as high pressure becomes dominant, although overnight fog will start to become more likely.

“Temperatures are likely to be mild across the bulk of the UK during this period.”

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