Daytime temperatures dip to -1C and when Wirral could expect to see more snow


Wirral had a dusting of snow during Saturday as temperatures remained at freezing throughout the day.

The Met Office recorded that temperatures dipped to -1C on Wirral at 3pm.

Temepratures will remain very cold through the night and the Met Office forecast that there could be further flurries from 1-3am in the morning.

With strong winds temperatures will feel closer to -7C during the early hours of Sunday night, meaning an extra blanket my be needed.


It’s not all bad news though, temperatures are expected to recover into double figures during next week.

The Met Office say: “A cold and murky evening. Winds remain strong, with coastal gales. Isolated showers of snow, rain, and sleet move in, giving a risk of ice patches as well as a frost. Minimum temperatureĀ -2Ā Ā°C.”

Sunday will be “cloudy with frequent bouts of rain, freezing rain, and occasional sleet and snow, heavy at times, creating icy stretches. Winds remain strong with gales in exposed areas. Turning milder later.”

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