Storm Darcy set to blast Wirral with freezing winds


The Dutch have named a low-pressure system that will bring strong winds and widespread snow to south east England on Sunday.

Storm Darcy will also bring strong freezing winds to much of the UK..

Cold air emanating from Russia and Eastern Europe will move across the UK over the coming days.

Temperatures won’t climb above 3C and with the strong bitterly cold winds from Storm Darcy it will feel closer to -6C.

The easterly winds will bring significant snow accumulations to parts of Eastern England and Scotland.

Snow will continue to fall over higher ground in parts of central and eastern Scotland through Saturday and an Amber warning for snow is in force.


Although the weather will be cold on Wirral, most of the severe weather will be focused in the east of the UK and there are no significant spells of snowfall forecast for Wirral.

This doesn’t mean the area wont see any snow at all though, there is a chance that the area could see some flurries at times on Sunday.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Paul Gundersen, said: “The UK is in for a notably cold and snowy period over the next week, with very cold air in place over the whole of the UK by Sunday.

“Showers will see snow accumulating across eastern areas. Within the Amber warning area, more widespread snow is expected and we could see 5-10 cm of snow quite widely, with a chance that a few places could see 20 cm or more. With such severe weather around it’s important to keep up to date with the latest forecast.

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