Merseyrail suspends all train services on Friday after snow and ice warnings


Merseyrail have suspended all train services on Friday due to forecasted adverse weather conditions affecting the railway.

Merseyrail is not expecting to be able to run a train service tomorrow, Friday 8 January.

Customers are strongly advised to make alternative travel arrangements.

Rail replacement buses will not be in operation due to the scale of disruption. Rail season tickets will be accepted on Arriva, Stagecoach and Mersey Ferries

Andy Heath, Managing Director, said: “We have been working hard over the last few weeks to prepare the network for adverse winter weather conditions, covering the rail with anti-ice and running trains throughout the night to keep the lines clear.


“Through previous experiences when, following the anti-icing, we incur a combination of snow, sleet and rain fall on our electrified third rail as is forecasted, this can result in a new layer of ice which electricity cannot pass through and trains are unable to operate.

“As a result of this, we believe it is highly likely that trains will not operate on Friday. We hope that this  advance notice will give passengers enough time to make alternative travel arrangements.

“We will be continuously working with Network Rail to run services as soon as is safely possible and apologise for any inconvenience this will cause our passengers.”

The news comes after the Met Office warned Wirral to expect snow and Ice through Thursday and into Friday.

Some injuries due to trips and falls and travel disruption could be expected in areas with untreated surfaces.

Temperatures are expected to remain at just 2C throughout the whole of Friday, with the greatest chance of snow at around 2pm.

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