This is when the Met Office say it is going to snow on Wirral


The Met Office has issued Wirral three days of weather warnings for wintry weather.

The forecaster warns Wirral that ICE could form overnight on Tuesday and through Wednesday.

Temperatures wont climb above 3C and overnight it could reach 0C in some places, so any rain falling overnight will freeze.


Wirral has also been warned to expect snow through New Years Eve, rain is expected though the night and it will be cold enough for it to turn to snow.

The Met Office forecasts predicts snow will fall on Wirral at around midnight as we welcome in 2021.

A forecaster at the Met Office said: “Showers will affect parts of north Wales on Tuesday evening, then parts of northwest England and the northwest Midlands overnight.

“As temperatures fall below freezing some ice is likely to form on untreated surfaces. Showers may be wintry on high ground with 1-3 cm snow settling above 300 metres.

“Showers are likely to merge into an area of rain, sleet and snow which is expected to move south across parts of eastern Scotland, northern and western England, and perhaps the far east of Wales overnight Wednesday, and through Thursday morning.

“Not all locations within this area will see snow, and indeed where it does snow it will not be snowing through the entire warning period.

“Accumulations of 1-3 cm are most likely, with larger accumulations (most likely 5-10 cm) confined to ground above 200 metres. Snow at low levels will quickly turn to rain across Scotland during early Thursday, becoming confined to ground above 500 metres.

“It will also steadily turn to rain at lower levels further south through the rest of the day whilst petering out.”

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