How to de-ice your car properly as 2020 ends with freezing weather


Mornings are cold, which means you are likely to wake up with ice on your windscreen, especially when Ice weather warnings have been issued.

People sometimes pour hot water on a cold windscreen, but the sudden cooling can lead to it cracking.

The Met Office has issued Wirral three days of weather warnings for wintry weather.

The forecaster warns Wirral that ICE could form overnight on Tuesday and through Wednesday.

Temperatures wont climb above 3C and overnight it could reach 0C in some places, so any rain falling overnight will freeze.

Wirral has also been warned to expect snow through New Years Eve, rain is expected though the night and it will be cold enough for it to turn to snow.


Here’s some tips to de-ice your car properly

Leave engine running

Leaving the engine running warms up the engine and car, it also circulates air via the air con so can help quacking up the de-icing process.


Experts say that all you need is salt, water and an old towel, by covering the towel in a water salt solution and covering it over your wind screen over night, this can stop your windshield from icing over.

If you forget or dont have a spare towel handy then you can spray the salt water over the windscreen in the morning.


If you’ve got no salt, you can mix surgical spirit or indeed any booze with water (two parts alcohol, one part water) instead.

It works because salt and alcohol has a lower melting point than normal water.

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