Christmas Weather: Forecasters confirm chances of snow on Wirral


An area of high pressure is expected over during Christmas Day and Boxing Day, bringing cold and generally dry conditions.

It will be very chilly over the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with temperatures hitting freezing overnight and daytime temperatures not reaching above 6C.

Boxing Day will see some strong winds which could reach 40 mph.

It will be a cold Christmas Day and although it will be cold there are no signs it will be a white Christmas.


A forecaster at the Met Office said: ” It’s going to be dry for the vast majority of the UK, and it will be a cold and frosty start to the day, particularly for England and Wales.

“So there will be a seasonal feel in terms of white frost on the ground, but in terms of snow, we’re not anticipating any on the ground for the vast majority of the country, unfortunately.

“It’s going to be a frosty Christmas rather than a white Christmas.

“It’s a mild and wet start to the week in the south but turning much colder and sunnier for the Christmas period and I think everyone will notice that.

“Even though it’s not going to be a white Christmas, people will still need their big coats and scarves and hats for any walks they may be going on over the Christmas period.”

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