100 meteors an hour could be spotted over Wirral this weekend


Over 100 meteors an hour could be spotted on Wirral this weekend as the Geminids meteor shower reaches its peak.

It is described as one of the best meteor showers of the year due to its brightness and visibility.

The shower will reach its peak during Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday morning.

The best time to see the meteors is at around 2 am on Monday, December 14.

Heading away from any light pollution and finding a clear patch of sky will give you a better chance of spotting a meteor.

NASA said: “The Geminids, which peak during mid-December each year, are considered to be one of the best and most reliable annual meteor showers.” “During its peak, 120 Geminid meteors can be seen per hour under perfect conditions.

“The Geminids are bright and fast meteors and tend to be yellow in colour.

“The Geminids are best viewed during the night and predawn hours and are visible across the globe due to a nearly 24-hour broad maximum.

“This shower is considered one of the best opportunities for young viewers since this shower starts around 9pm or 10pm”.

Spotting a meteor will all depend on how clear the weather is, so keep an eye on the forecast for your area.

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