Taurids meteor shower will peak over Wirral tonight


The Taurids meteor shower will peak over Wirral tonight.

The shower started in October but will reach its peak tonight if skies stay clear.

Ten meteors an hour can be spotted, which means its not the most of frequent of showers, but they are slow moving which makes them easier to spot.

Sapce.com say: “While most meteor showers are noticeably active for about a week, the Taurids have perhaps the longest duration of overall visibility.

“Meteors from this particular stream begin appearing in our night sky around Oct. 21 and will continue into right on up until or about Nov. 27. Nov. 5 through Nov. 12 is traditionally the time frame when these slow and majestic meteors are at their best.” 


Meteor showers happen when bits of ice and dust, which can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a pea collide with the earths atmosphere at 134,000mph.

Heading out to areas away from light pollution, such as the countryside, will give you the greatest chance of seeing meteors.

Chances of spotting meteors will also be weather dependent, as clear skies give the best viewing opportunities.

The best chance will be during the early hours of Thursday as skies begin to clear.

The Met Office say: “A band of rain, heavy at times, will be passing over the region this evening and tonight.

“Strong winds and rain should ease through the early hours, a mix of clear skies and scattered showers thereafter. Feeling mild”

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