Wirral Coastguard rescues elderly lady struggling in knee deep water

Wirral Coastguard

30 people had to be cleared to safety at West Kirby marine lake on Sunday morning as the high fast tide was about to cover the pathway.

Most people made it to safety, however, 8 people, including children, having to be guided through water by Coastguard Rescue Officers which was now up to their ankles.

With the water still quickly rising by the minute and with the pathway now fully submerged, Coastguard Rescue Officers rushed to the aid of an elderly lady who was struggling in knee deep water and in need of assistance attempting to make her way to safety.

The team managed to get her to safety and afterwards Michael Buratti, Station Officer for Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team said, “We urge people to plan ahead before visiting the coast, check tide times, be aware of their surroundings and not take risks.

Alan Jenkins

“Despite the warnings from an off duty Lifeguard and other members of the public not to walk around the path due to the higher than normal incoming tide, people decided to go against advice and ended up in real trouble trying to walk along a path that was under water.

“Luckily the Coastguard Rescue Team were in the area having attended an incident and managed to rescue one lady, who had an exceptionally lucky escape, and guide another 8 people to safety.

“As a rough guide, the Marine Lake Pathway in West Kirby will cover at approximately a 9m tide depending on the weather conditions, today’s tide height was just under 10m and by the time the team was leaving the scene, the pathway was under approximately 1m of water.

“If you get into trouble on the coast or see someone in difficulty, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

“Thank you to the following local photographers who have allowed their photographs to be used to show how dangerous this situation was and to enable us to raise awareness.”

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