‘This landlord is a hero’ – Readers react to ‘the three bellends’ pub


A Wirral pub has renamed it’s self the three bellends after being forced to shut due to the tier three lockdown on Wirral.

Originally called the The James Atherton, the pub in New Brighton unveiled its new look comeplete with a man in a Boris Johnson mask.

The signage on the side of the pub features Johnson, Cummings and Hancock.

Our readers took to our facebook page to react to the name change:

Emma Gothard said: “Its brought a bit of humour to New Brighton people need to lighten up … its depressing enough at the moment without people moaning”

Jonie Jones said: “They make that name permanent for the pub, remind people of the fiasco created by this govt.Once that pub reopens, it’s trade will rocket”

June Hayward didnt like it: “In poor taste.New Brighton is spoiling the new image it is trying to tempt visitors with.”

James Miller wasn’t impressed: “Not helpful this,there is no government in Europe or in fact the world that knows how to combat this pandemic, in fact a lot of countries are far worse. It’s a time to come together not ridicule.”

Jason Savage said: “This landlord is a hero!! Sums up this shower of muppets in government perfectly, the government have been a complete disgrace and are still being a complete disgrace and anyone supporting their dictatorship should hold their heads down in shame as they too are a disgrace!!”

Wirral is part of the tier three lockdown restrictions, which have seen hundreds of pubs forced to shut across the region.

One comment

  1. I think its a great name to call the pub some people have no sense of humour and just want to jump on the bandwagon protecting this pathetic government,if they reacted when this all first come to light we wouldn’t be in this situation

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