Tips to help sleep in the heat on a stuffy night


Temperatures can be stuffy at night during this time of year, especially when the country has just had one of the longest spell of temperatures over 30C since the 1960’s

It can often make it difficult to sleep at night due to the warm temperatures, so here’s some tips.


It may be obvious, but you can achieve this by taking a cool or lukewarm shower just before bed.

A fan can help reduce your body temperature surprisingly quickly.

Chill your sheets and pillow in the fridge or freezer before bed.

Or what about filling your hot water bottle up with water and putting it in the freezer to act as a giant ice cube overnight. Dont fill it up too much though as it will expand due to the freezing process.


Don’t sleep naked – it’s actually better to wear pyjamas made of natural fibres. The pyjama fabric draws sweat away from your body, and will make you feel a lot cooler and more comfortable.

Remove the over-sheet, duvet or blanket.



If possible sleep downstairs, heat rises so you find that the top bedrooms in the house are at the highest temperatures.

Sleep separate from your partner, sharing body heat will just make you hotter.


Avoid alcohol – It is well known that alcohol disrupts sleep — and those negative effects are made worse when it is hot.


Using a fan to cool the room is an obvious choice and can help cool the room with a window open.


Silky sheets may look nice but the don’t keep you cool. For freshness light-coloured cotton is the only way to go.

Cotton sheets work wonders on a hot night as the material is breathable which cool down your skin in the night, as well as absorbing your sweat and drawing it away from you, helping it evaporate.