RNLI races to rescue comet the dog after it escapes owner


A dog sparked a rescue operation from the RNLI after running off from its owner on Sunday afternoon.

Comet dog ran away chasing birds on West Kirby mud flats and the worried owner called the coastguard.

The Coastguard asked the owner to not to go after the dog as they were at risk of getting tuck in the mud.

West Kirby RNLI launched to track down the dog and found it exhausted but safe and well.


Rescuers returned the muddy dog to the thankful owner for a good drink.

West Kirby RNLI said: “The owner should be praised for contacting HM Coastguard and asking for guidance.

“Never enter into soft muddy areas as it is very easy to become bogged down and at risk yourself if there is an incoming tide, in particular.

“Please always contact HM Coastguard, who will deploy the most appropriate team to deal with any emergency”