Wirral set for two days of scorching temperatures


Wirral will see the hot weather return this week after a spell of wet and windy weather.

By Thursday temperatures will reach 26C and it will be even hotter on Friday when highs of 27C are forecast, with the possibility of 30C being recorded in some areas.

Low pressure will draw up warmer air from the south leading to a hot day on Friday, temperatures are likely to reach up to 30°C widely across the North of England.


It’s not all good news though as the warm spell wont last as cooler air returns temperatures to average.

As the cold front arrives on Saturday it will bring thundery rain across some parts of the UK

Deputy Chief Forecaster, Brent Walker, said “There is quite a change in the weather coming by the end of the week, with increasing sunshine and a day of hot conditions on Friday. It won’t persist long enough to become a heatwave as a cold front moves in on Saturday, bringing the temperatures back down to around average for the time of year.”