50-mile wide swarm of flying ants spotted from space over UK


The Met Office’s rain radar mapped rain in the South East of the UK on Friday.

But it wasn’t raining and it turned out to be something completely different.

The radar picked up a giant 50-mile wide swarm of flying ants that had taken to the skies.

It was so big that it was picked up by weather satellites in space that map UK rainfall.

Flying ants take to the skies on warm humid windless days which made it perfect conditions on Friday.

A video posted by the Met Office on their twitter page showed the large swarm making its way across the South East.

The Met Office said: “It’s not raining in London, Kent or Sussex, but our radar says otherwise…

“The radar is actually picking up a swarm of #flyingants across the southeast

During the summer ants can take to the skies in a mass emergence usually on warm, humid and windless days #flyingantday