Whale stranded for second time in Dee estuary as condition worsens

CREDIT: BDMLR/Chris Cureton

A fin whale was stranded yesterday just off the coast of Thurstation but after what looked like a positive rescue sadly the animal has got stranded again.

The fin whale was sighted again swimming in the Dee Estuary last night just before it got dark and has been found restranded this morning in the same area.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medics have volunteer Medic team assessing the situation and whale’s current condition.

The BDMLR say that whales cannot support their own weight on land which can cause severe injuries and the outcome is looking less positive than yesterday.


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The BDMLR said on their facebook page: “Our key concern now is that not only has the animal returned to the estuary after leaving, but that by the time the tide comes back in at lunchtime today that it will have spent a considerable amount of time out of the water.

“Whales have never evolved to be able to support their own weight on land of course, so when stranded they gradually crush themselves, causing significant internal damage to themselves.

“While yesterday we were fortunate that the animal was only stranded for a relatively short amount of time where any damage would have been limited, being stranded again now for some more hours will add to any damage that it has already sustained and may make it unviable to survive.

“Due to the size and weight of the animal and the geography of the area, it is not possible to get the animal closer to the water to help relieve the pressure on its body. Dragging the animal by its tail will cause significant injuries and is not an option.

“As we mentioned yesterday, putting the animal to sleep is also incredibly difficult for a variety of reasons related to its size too.

“We are saddened to say that the outlook today is looking less positive than yesterday, and we will update later with more news as the incident unfolds.”