Chester Zoo given opening date after fund raising campaign reaches nearly £2.5m


Chester Zoo has finally been given an opening date after weeks of closure led to millions of pounds worth of debt.

Chester Zoo had been left fighting for its future and faced crippling debt after the attraction was ordered to close by the government due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The closure had a devastating impact on the zoo which is heading towards debt in excess of £24m by the end of 2020.

The zoo launched a ‘save our zoo’ fundraising campaign to help towards costs which stands at nearly £2.5m.

The zoo has now been given the green light to open its doors in a covid secure way.

The zoo confirmed in a series of tweets it will be back open on 15th June.

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Chester Zoo said: “A week ago we were in despair, not knowing when we would reopen, or if we could even survive much longer. BUT YOUR VOICES HAVE BEEN HEARD!

“We have JUST received the news that well be able to open safely from 15 June.

“Your support has been incredible. Every kind donation, every word of support. It really did make a HUGE difference.

“The fight isn’t over for us just yet.There’s no denying that we have suffered severe financial damage over the past three months and the road to recovery will be long and uncertain.

“But, your incredibly generous donations, adoptions and memberships have given us a vital lifeline.

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”