Solar Eclipse UK – This is when the next solar eclipse will be visible on Wirral


There’s a lot been happening in the space world locally, from sightings off the ISS, spaceX rockets and partial lunar eclispses.

But when will Wirral see the biggest astronomical event of the calendar, a solar eclipse ?

A year from now on the 10th of June 2021 at 11:22am Wirral will see a partial solar eclipse, when the moon will block out part of the sun.

It will be a noticable eclipse too, with 50% of sunlight being blocked out by the moon.

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2015 solar eclipse. CREDIT: Tom Munns

The last solar eclipse in the UK was in March 2015 when 80% of the sun was blocked, which plunged the UK and Merseyside into darkness.

Those that saw the 1999 total eclipse are lucky, because most people around today won’t get to see the next one, as the next total solar eclipse on Wirral will be in the year 2090.

However, another notable solar eclipse date which will take place more recently is on 12 August 2026, when 96% of the sun will be blocked.