This is when the Starlink satellites will be visible over Wirral this week


The starlink SpaceX satellites will be visible over Wirral for the next FOUR nights.

There will be multiple oppertunities each night to spot the stunning formation of satellites.

The satellites are not very big but they orbit low in earths atmosphere and is why they are so visible on a clear night.

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Space X who own the satellites hope they will help provide affordable internet coverage to the world.

Currently, internet users rely on cables or phone towers to access the internet, but these satellites are aiming to make the internet accessible for even those in remote locations.

The starlink satellites will be visible over Wirral and the rest of the UK and you can find out when below.

7th June

10:25pm – Southwest to East

11:46pm – Southwest to East

11:58pm – West to East

8th June

1:22am – West to East

2:58am – West to Southeast

3:15am – West to East

10:34pm – Southwest to East

10:47pm – Southwest to East

9th June

12:08am – West to East

12:22am – West to East

1:58am – West to East

2:17am – Southwest to East

3:34am – West to Southeast

3:51am – West to East

10:46pm – West to East

11:22pm – Southwest to East

10th June

12:20am – West to Southeast

12:57am – West to East

1:18am – South to East

2:33am – West to Southeast

2:51am – West to East

10:22pm – SouthWest – East

10:59pm – West to East

11:59pm – West to East

11th June

12:34am – West to Southwest

1:33am – West to Southeast

1:52am – Southwest to East

3:27am – West to East