Strawberry moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse visible on Wirral TONIGHT


A full strawberry moon will be visible over Wirral tonight and it will take place at the same time as a penumbral lunar eclipse.

The moon will appear slightly dimmer than usual due to the earth’s shadow projecting onto part of the moon.

The eclipse will start at about 6:45pm but won’t be visible from the UK until the Moon rises above the horizon at 8:12pm – it will end at about 10pm.

A full strawberry moon has nothing to do with it’s colour but because the full moon appears during the time when strawberries are ready to harvest.

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Also, the moon appears very low in the sky which means when it shines through the atmosphere it can appear reddish.

It may be difficult to spot on Wirral as clouds could ruin the view, however, if you’re lucky enough you may be able to spot it during a gap in the clouds.

The Met Office forecast for tonight reads: “Showers easing for a time before heavy rain pushes south across the region. It will be windy, with coastal gales possible. The rain will clear northern areas by dawn.”