Temperatures to drop by 10C on Wirral as colder air sinks in over the UK


Colder air from the North will send temperatures plummeting on Wirral from Wednesday.

Temperatures will be 10C cooler than what they were during Tuesdays hot weather.

The colder air will bring an end to the dry weather too with heavy rain forecast to hit Wirral during early Wednesday morning.

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But there’s good news for gardeners there’s more rain predicted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The cooler theme to the weather will continue for another week.

The Met Office say: “Thursday and Friday should see scattered showers interspersed with sunny spells. Winds strengthening on Friday. Heavy rain throughout Saturday with strong winds. Feeling cool, especially in the wind.”

Wirral saw the hottest weather of the year recently when temperatures reached over 25C on Sunday.