Wirral Coastguard called out to 24 incidents in one week as thousands flock to beaches


Wirral Coastguard has urged people to check tide times as they have had a huge increase in call outs.

The team attended 24 incidents as Wirral beaches were the busiest seen in a long time.

Coastguard Rescue Officers were faced with a busy week after thousands of people flocked to Wirral beaches.

The majority of the incidents attended involved people being cut off by the incoming tide.


Michael Buratti, Station Officer for Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team said “24 incidents all of similar nature in one week is a lot for a Coastguard Rescue Team, particularly when most of the incidents could have been avoided if safety advice was followed.

“A mixture of extremely nice weather and lack of awareness of tide times has contributed to the majority of these incidents.

“I can’t stress how important it is to check tide times prior to heading to the coast, don’t be too complacent and be aware of your surroundings.

“I would like to thank the Coastguard Rescue Officers and staff in Holyhead Coastguard Operations Centre who have worked tirelessly dealing with an extraordinary amount of incidents.”

Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team has this advice if you are planning on visiting the coast.

* Check the tide times and read local hazard signage. The tide doesn’t come in on a straight line and can easily catch you out. If you don’t understand the tide times, don’t go too far out.

* Protect your family. Keep a close eye on children, especially on busy beaches.

* Take a seaside selfie when your arrive. If your child goes missing, a photo of what they are wearing on the day can be very helpful if a search is needed.

* Don’t use inflatables. Blow-up boats and toys are great fun in the swimming pool, but they’re best avoided at the seaside. They can easily drift out to sea and you may not notice until you’re a long way from shore and out of your depth.

* Avoid sinking mud. If you find yourself stuck in mud, stay calm, spread your weight, call the Coastguard immediately.

* If you see someone in trouble at the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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