Person holds baby head height above water to escape tide as 58 people led to safety


It was another busy day for rescue services today as a total of 58 people were led to safety after nearly being cut off by the tide on Wirral beaches.

One incident involved a person holding a baby above the water at head height to escape danger.

Wirral Coastguard was called out to multiple people in danger of being cut off by the incoming tide near Leasowe Lighthouse on Saturday.

33 people in total were led to safety or guided off the bank who were unaware that the gulley was filling up around them.

Wirral Coastguard said: “It was evident that people were not aware of safe routes off the bank and the team were even informed of a person wading through the gulley chest deep holding a baby at head height.

“It is deceptive from the beach and out at the tide line as it appears your are safe however there were a lot people unaware of the rapidly flooding gulley in front of the lighthouse”.

“We would advise people in this area to not head too far out when the tide is coming in”.

Coastguard Rescue Officers then then assisted 25 people to safety who were heading into the incoming tide on Meols beach.

Hoylake Hovercraft carried out a sweep of the bank on their return to station to ensure there was nobody else in danger.

Wirral Coastguard’s safety advice is as follows: “Check the tide times and read local hazard signage. The tide doesn’t come in on a straight line and can easily catch you out.

“If you don’t understand the tide times, don’t go too far out. Protect your family. Keep a close eye on children, especially on busy beaches.

“Take a seaside selfie when your arrive. If your child goes missing, a photo of what they are wearing on the day can be very helpful if a search is needed.🦄

“Don’t use inflatables. Blow-up boats and toys are great fun in the swimming pool, but they’re best avoided at the seaside.

“They can easily drift out to sea and you may not notice until you’re a long way from shore and out of your depth.

“Avoid sinking mud. If you find yourself stuck in mud, stay calm, spread your weight, call the Coastguard immediately.

“Remember, Hilbre Island, Middle Eye, Little Eye, West Kirby Marine Lake and the footpath around it remain closed to the public by Wirral Council in order to protect residents.

“Visitors will be welcome once again when it is safe to do so. If you see someone in trouble at the coast, dial and ask for the Coastguard.


  1. My Gran taught me about the Wirral shores ,sinking sand and the dangers , however a lot of people maybe have no one to teach them about keeping safe , maybe RNLI could have a lesson taught at schools ( virtually at these COVID times) ?


    • I wonder how many where folk from out of the area, surely everyone on the Wirral knows the tide sneaks up behind you at Wallasey, was drummed into me as a kid by my parents and grandparents,

      on my daily walk along the prom from the gun site car park to Leasowe hundreds of Chinese going out to the closed cockle beds with rakes, shovels and baskets, I have emailed the inland fisheries, it is very clearly sign posted and being read and ignored this morning


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