Shocking pictures show huge scale of rubbish in New Brighton Marine Lake


These pictures show a huge clean up operation taking place in New Brighton.

While clear of visitors on 13th May a team of amazing volunteers cleared the marine lake of a shocking number of shopping trolley’s and rubbish.

26 shopping trolleys were pulled from the lake and returned to Morrisons.

Bikes, chairs, road cones, and a buggy were also items also retrieved .

Some rescued items were saved for cleaning and restoration or sent to the tip.


Steve Taylor said on Facebook: “Well, what can I say? I was blown away by a superb collective effort clearing the Marine Lake this morning.

“Thank you all for a supreme effort. 26 shopping trolleys returned to Morrisons. 3 bikes, 1 metal guardrail, 10 chairs, 4 large road cones, 1 table, I buggy, 1 skateboard, 1 scooter, 1 wheelie bin, 1 window frame, 1 commercial trolley all retrieved and either sent for scrap (metal items), rescued for cleaning and restoration or sent to the tip courtesy of Biffa. Teamwork!! Thank you all.”

Steve is part of a group called the new brighteners on facebook which help keep our beaches and seas in and around New Brighton clean and free of rubbish.