Stunning trail of starlink satellites will be visible over Wirral all week

Bright lights appeared over Mereyside last night which turned out to be Starlink satellites moving above the earth.

Stargazers across the world shared video on social media of the stunning display.

The satellites are not very big but they orbit low in earths atmosphere and is why they are so visible on a clear night.

The starlink satellites will be visible over Wirral and the rest of the UK all week and you can find out when at the bottom of the page.

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Space X who own the satellites hope they will help provide affordable internet coverage to the world.

Currently, internet users rely on cables or phone towers to access the internet, but these satellites are aiming to make the internet accessible for even those in remote locations.

When to see Starlink satellites

8:58 pm, 21 Apr 2020

4:04 am, 22 Apr 2020

9:34 pm, 22 Apr 2020

3:06 am, 23 Apr 2020

4:38 am, 23 Apr 2020

3:40 am, 24 Apr 2020

9:10 pm, 24 Apr 2020

10:46 pm, 24 Apr 2020

4:15 am, 25 Apr 2020