Nine days of meteor showers will start from tonight


The Lyrid meteor shower will start from tonight and it will be visible on Wirral.

The Lyrid shower will start from tonight and will last on the 25th April, peaking on the 22nd.

Skies are set to be clear tonight on Wirral but it won’t be until the peak on the 22nd that will provide the best chance of spotting a meteor.

The Lyrid shower offers stargazers a chance to see up to 18 meteors per hour during its peak.

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Dust left over from Comet Thatcher (C/186 G1), which makes a full orbit of the sun once every 415 years collide with earths atmosphere.

Flakes of comet dust, most no bigger than grains of sand and made up of dust and and ice strike Earth’s atmosphere travelling 110,000 mph and disintegrate as streaks of light.

Heading out to areas away from light pollution, such as the countryside, will give you the greatest chance of seeing meteors.

The chances of spotting meteors will also be weather dependent, as clear skies give the best viewing opportunities.