10 fun garden activities to do with the kids during lockdown


With us all being told to stay at home a lot of people are looking at ways to entertain the kids in the garden, especially when the weathers nice.

Cardboard House

Find a big box and get creative by making a boat, a space rocket, a car or a house.

We did it in the back garden on a nice day and the little one loved it!


We never get the time to stargaze with the little ones, but now is the best time to sit out with a warm drink and see what you can spot in the night sky.

See if you can spot a plenty, the international space station, a satellite or even a shooting star if you’re lucky.

Camp Outdoors

Why not grab the spare tent you usually get out when you go camping and pop it up in the back garden and spend the night looking up at the stars.

See what nature your garden attracts at night or see what constellations you can spot.

Your back garden probably attracts a lot more nature than you ever knew.


Bird Watch

See what different types of birds are attracted to your garden.

A simple bird feeder will invite plenty of wildlife into the garden, you’ll be surprised at how many birds visit.

Just make sure you don’t frighten them off, birds get spooked pretty easily.


Grab the spare camera or your phone will do.

When spotting birds, wildlife or stiring at the night sky, why not take pictures too.

This is a great way to document your adventures and teach the kids a new skill.

Plant your own veg

On your next food shop why not pick up some vegetable seeds.

Plant them in the garden in raised beds or pots and watch them grow.

Get the kids to water them everyday and pick them when they are ready.

Floor Art

Buy some chalk or washable paint and get creative on the floor.

Kids can get creative without messing up the house and you can leave it to wash away when it rains.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Grab some of the little ones favourite teddys, a blanket, food and a good book.

Lay it all down and your good to go!


Dive into the recylcing bin and grab a few plstic bottles.

Fill them with a bit of water so they don’t blow away and find a ball!

Build a twig raft

Find some twigs or if you don’t have any some straws and some lolly sticks.

Tie them together with string, make a mast and a sail out of a leaf and see if it floats!

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