New Brighton’s Black Pearl destroyed in rough seas

The Black Pearl has been washed away after rough seas destroyed the structure.

Sudden strong winds whipped up large waves last night that battered the black pearl leaving it in pieces.

The news was confirmed on the Black Pearl’s facebook page with thousands of people expressing their sadness.

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The post said:  “We’ve had to say goodbye to our Pearl tonight she was a grand and much loved ship. An emergency Pirate meeting will have to be called at Pirate HQ to decide where to go from here.”

On Facebook, on user commented: “After all the storms she’s faced… She did well, you guys are AMAZING! I’m sure it won’t be too long until you find a way to rebuild another beautiful vessel.”

New Brighton Labour Party said: “So sad to see that the #blackpearl #NewBrighton was destroyed last night. This is a jewel in our crown and we will help anyway we can with rebuilding it”