Coastguard warn people about dangers while watching HMS Prince of Wales arrival


The huge warship is expected to dock at Liverpool Cruise Terminal around high tide at 1:50.

The 65,000 tonne warship is expected to enter the mouth of the river around 12.30 and arrive opposite Liverpool Cruise Terminal around 1:30 where she will be turning 180 degrees in the River.

She will then dock at Liverpool Cruise Terminal with her starboard (right) side toward the jetty and her bow facing the mouth of the River.

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Crosby Coastguard has issued the following safety advise when watching the the ship arrive:

Take note of the safety signs which are placed at all the main entrances to the beach.

Be aware of the incoming tide and note that the channels may fill in behind you. The tide will be rising throughout the arrival of the ship.

Do not enter the water under any circumstances.

Watch out for the areas of soft sand and deep mud.

Keep an eye on children at all times.

Crosby Coastguard said: “The last time we had an event like this it was during the arrival of the Cunard three Queens in 2015.

“Many people packed the shoreline to watch as they sailed passed Crosby beach on their way to the River Mersey.

“During this event our Coastguard Rescue Teams and other emergency services personnel dealt with a number of incidents where people became stuck in the soft sand and mud or were in danger of being cut off by the tide coming in behind them.

“There are lots of good view points along the beach without the need to put yourself in danger.

“If you want to see the ship up close, then Liverpool Cruise Terminal at Princes Parade will be the best place to see the true scale of the ship.

“However, it is expected to be very busy in this area, especially over this weekend, so you might want to wait until later in the week when it may be less busy.

“Wherever you decide to view the ship stay safe and enjoy the experience.”