Polar air to bring cold temperatures to Wirral with risk of wintry showers


Colder air from the north will filter down over the UK this week as the jet stream moves further south.

Temperatures during early Tuesday will fall to near freezing and temperatures during the day won’t climb above 5c on Wirral.

Due to the fall in temperatures and the forecast of rain, theres a chance some rainfall could be wintry at times.

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Rain is due to fall at times throughout Tuesday but the greatest risk of sleet or snow will be during the early hours of Tuesday or the evening.

Tuesday evening will see highs of 3C with temperatures feeling closer to -2C due to the wind chill.

The Met Office say: “Sunny spells and wintry showers through the day, with a risk of thunder and hail. Snow will continue to fall over hills and potentially to lower levels in heavier showers.”