Risk of significant disruptive snow on Monday, says Met Office


This weekend will be another unsettled weekend of weather on Wirral, but there is a small chance some snow could be on the way.

Although Wirral is not on any weather warnings, wind and rain will still batter the area at times through the weekend.

Saturday will be the windiest day of the week with potential gusts of up to 50 mph.

Sunday morning will see the worst of the rain as heavy rain is set to last most of the morning.

The Met Office forecast for the weekend says: “Light rain clearing the south on Saturday, leaving all parts windy with bright or sunny spells and scattered showers.

“Heaviest, most frequent showers towards the northwest, with snow likely, mainly on hills”.

The Met Office say also that parts of the north could see two weather scenarios on Monday.


One possibility, which is the most likely situation, is that a low pressure system could bring more strong winds to the north.

However, in the video above they say there is a small chance that the low pressure system could take a different route, hit colder air and cause some significant snow on Monday.

The Met Office are advising people to keep checking forecasts to see how the situation updates.