When will storm Dennis hit Wirral and what will happen ?


Storm Dennis will bring very heavy rain and strong winds to the UK this weekend, with a risk of flooding and travel disruption in some areas.

The Met Office has issued multiple National Severe Weather Warnings for wind and rain from Saturday through to Monday, including several amber rain warnings for parts of England and Wales.

What Will happen ?

Winds of up to 70 mph are forecast to hit the area with very heavy rain.

Wirral is excepted to see winds more likely around 50 mph but heavy rain could cause some flooding in areas.

Coastal locations could see flooding due to large over topping waves.

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When will it hit ?

Storm Denis is expected to arrive on Saturday with warnings throughout the whole weekend.

The heavy rain will arrive around 5pm on Saturday lasting until 9am on Sunday, there could also be some thunder at times.

Winds are expected to be at the strongest on Sunday afternoon with 50-60 mph gusts forecast

What do the Met Office say ?

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Steve Willington, said: “Storm Dennis will bring another very unsettled spell of weather this weekend with a risk of flooding, particularly in parts of England and Wales and also southern Scotland, where snowmelt will add to the flood risk.

“Following Storm Ciara last weekend and further spells of rain this week, the ground is already saturated in places. With Storm Dennis bringing further heavy and persistent rain over the weekend, there is a risk of significant impacts from flooding, including damage to property and a danger to life from fast flowing floodwater.

“Our advice is to keep an eye on the latest weather forecast and weather warnings for your area and to follow the safety advice from officials.”