Video reveals the destructive power and hidden dangers of Storm waves

The video above which was shared to social media shows why you shouldn’t go near the coast during a storm.

Facebook user Shannon Vernon shared a video that shows the power of the waves during the storm.

Concrete blocks are scattered across the floor and whole benches have been ripped out of their foundations.

The destruction was due to huge waves over topping flood defences in New Brighton.

Shannon said: “I hope that people can see just how dangerous and powerful the sea is.

“If a wave can pull up benches and bins from the ground and even bring up the concrete then of course it’s powerful enough to drag people out with it, including their dogs if they are out walking them.

“I’ve seen it happen and it’s heart breaking. Not to mention the danger of getting hit by debris In the waves.”

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One man had to be rescued by the RNLI as he became pinned to railings due to the poor weather.

Ian Thornton, Lifeboat Operations Manager, New Brighton Lifeboat said: “During this adverse weather we urge people to check local warnings before travelling”.

Wirral Coastguard has said throughout storm season that it is important to stay away from the coast a large waves can hide hidden dangers.

Wirral Coastguard advise: “A combination of high tides, large waves and strong winds could cause wave over topping and high water levels.

“Stormy weather might produce breathtaking photographs but it might be the last breath you ever take if you’re there at the wrong moment!

“Please don’t risk your life to take pictures at the coast, however dramatic it looks.

“We advise the public to avoid exposed coastal areas during times of severe weather”