Wirral will see unseasonably mild temperatures during February


Forecasters at the Met Office expect that temperatures on Wirral will be ‘unseasonably mild’ during February.

Temperatures for February are usually around 7C but towards the end of this week temperatures will climb into double fitures.

Highs of 11C are expected by the weekend and forecasters expect that there will be more mild weather towards the second half of the month.

Although the weather will be mild at times there will be wet and windy weather too.

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The Met Office say: “Unsettled weather is expected, with spells of rain and strong winds broken by brighter but showery conditions.

“The heavier rain and stronger winds are expected in the northwest with the drier conditions expected towards the south.

“Perhaps becoming more generally settled toward the end of February.

“Temperatures are expected to stay unseasonably mild, with any dry and cold interludes fairly brief.”

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