Eerie pictures of fog over Liverpool looks like something out of a horror movie

Mary Wishart

Wirral and Liverpool have had spells of thick fog at times throughout this week.

Temperatures dropped to below freezing during the start of the week, which forced the Met Office to issue weather warnings.

These eerie pictures show fog covering the view from Wirral of the Liverpool waterfront today.

The stunning pcitures taken by Mary Wishart show how the thick fog has blocked the view looking over to the Mersey and looks like something out of a horror movie.

Forecasters are keeping an eye on a deep area of low pressure that is expected to hit the UK early next week.

The low will be propelled by the Jet stream across the country through Monday.

Although it is still a few days away forecasters are expecting winds to pick up and some forecasts suggest winds could reach 60-80 mph on Wirral.

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In the Met Office 10 day forecast a forecaster said: “one computer model suggests the low pressure maybe to the north and enter the colder side of the Jet.

“In which case it could really spin up further that would provide a very windy day across much of the UK and that would really need watching”

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