Severe weather warning issued as fog will thicken on Wirral overnight


Freezing fog blanketed Merseyside for most of Sunday and temperatures dropped across the region.

Temperatures dropped to -2C across at 8am as the fog rolled in across the Mersey.

Fog will get more dense overnight and has sparked the Met Office to issue severe weather warnings.

Fog is set to thicken for the rest of tonight which could affect transport across Merseyside.

Flights could become delayed or cancelled as the fog descends over the region.

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The official definition of fog is a visibility of less than 1,000 m. This limit is appropriate for aviation purposes, but for the general public and motorists an upper limit of 200 m is more realistic

With visibility less than 100 metres at times it could pose a problem to local flights or public transport.

The Met Office say: “Today’s fog patches will quickly thicken up and become more extensive this evening, some of these patches then dense with visibility less than 100 metres at times.

“Overnight, fog will tend to slowly lift.”

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