Wirral Coastguard warns Storm Brendan could create risk to life conditions


Wirral Coastguard has issued risk to life warnings as storm Brendan approaches.

The first storm of 2020 has been named as Storm Brendan which will bring strong winds to Wirral.

A deep area of low pressure will bring winds of up to 70 mph to the country, which has forced the Met Office to issue a yellow severe weather warning for Merseyside.

The storm will last from 10 am on Monday right through the whole of Tuesday bringing some risks.

Forecasters warn that coastal flooding, power cuts and delays to transport is possible as the storm hits.

Wirral Coastguard has issued a warning to people near the coast during the storm on Tuesday.

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Wirral Coastguard said: “Stormy weather might produce breathtaking photographs but it might be the last breath you ever take if you’re there at the wrong moment.

“With parts of the UK set to be battered by strong winds this week, please don’t risk your life to take pictures at the coast, however dramatic it looks.

“We advise the public to avoid exposed coastal areas during times of severe weather.

“Don’t take risks, but if you do get into trouble or see someone else in difficulty on the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard”.

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