Met Office issues Wirral danger to life warning as 70 mph winds forecast


A deep area of low pressure will bring strong winds to Wirral throughout most of Thursday.

Winds could reach 70 mph in parts and the severe weather is expected to last from 3am – 6pm on Thursday.

The Met Office warn that the strong winds could cause injuries and danger to life from flying debris.

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The forecaster also warns that there is a chance of some damage to buildings, such as tiles blown from roofs, power cuts and coastal flooding.

A forecaster at the Met Office said: “A spell of very strong winds is expected to spread from the south-west across Wales and many parts of England through Thursday morning. Gusts of 50-60 mph are possible for many areas, with gusts of 70 mph in places.

“Winds will begin to ease across Wales through late morning, and across the rest of the area by evening.”

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