Two people rescued after being cut off by rising tide on West Kirby beach


Rescue services were called out to two people cut off by the tide on West Kirby beach on Saturday.

Two people had been cut off between Little and Middle Eye at around 10:30am.

Wirral Coastguard, West Kirby Lifeboat and Hoylake Hovercraft were called out to the incident to help rescue the two people.

As rescue teams arrived it was evident that they had no way to return to shore and were stranded on middle eye with the tide rising.

The two people were eventually brought ashore by West Kirby RNLI.

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Wirral Coasstguard said on facebook: “West Kirby Lifeboat quickly launched and took the casualties on board.

“Hoylake Hovercraft was stood down at this point as it was not required.

“The casualties were brought back to awaiting Coastguard Rescue Officers at West Kirby slipway.

“The pair were taken back to West Kirby Lifeboat Station to warm up and dry out and were given safety advice.

“If you are visiting the coast for a walk on the beach, it is vital that you check on tide times as it is extremely easy to get caught out by the rapidly incoming tide.”

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