60 bright lights spotted racing in the night sky above Wirral


This is the moment a train of 60 bright lights in the sky was spotted over Wirral.

Many people took to social media to report the unusual sighting in the night sky.

One Facebook user from Wallasey posted: “Beautiful sky’s from peeps below…. and then there was this……. I witnessed around 50 all in succession and disappeared behind a certain star! I’ve seen stuff in my life before but nothing by this magnitude!!!!”

The bright lights turned out to be 60 Starlink satellites moving above the earth.

Space X who own the satellites hope they will help provide affordable internet coverage to the world.

Currently, internet users rely on cables or phone towers to access the internet, but these satellites are aiming to make the internet accessible for even those in remote locations.

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“This will not only provide internet access to areas that don’t have it, but provide competitive access to areas that already have connectivity,” company CEO, Elon Musk said in a media teleconference prior to the first Starlink launch in May.

The company’s intention is to launch thousands of satellites to provide high-speed internet available across the globe.

The satellites are not very big but they orbit low in earths atmosphere and is why they are so visible on a clear night.

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