This is when and why the clocks go back this week


It’s the time of year when the UK returns to GMT from British Summer Time.

As soon as the clocks go back and we edge closer to winter, nights start to draw in and it gets darker a lot earlier.

With the clocks going back an hour that means the following morning we get an extra hour in bed, so its worth finding out when this happens!

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So when do the clocks go back ?

The UK goes back to GMT on at 2am on October 27th, which means all clocks will go back an hour to 1am.

So remember to change any battery clocks manually otherwise you may miss out an the extra hour in bed!


Do I need to change the time on my smartphone ? 

Most smartphones will do this automatically so there’s no need to alter your phones time when you wake up the following morning.

Check if your smartphone date & time settings are set to change automatically.


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