Merseyside issued severe weather warning as thunderstorms could cause flooding across the region


The Met Office has warned Merseyside to expect heavy rain and flooding.

Heavy thundery showers will drench the region throughout Sunday, with forecasters warning up to 40mm of rain could fall in just a few hours.

This could lead to some flooding, thunderstorms could also impact power supplies as there could be some flashes of lightning at times.

The Met Office say: “Scattered thundery showers will move north across parts of England and Wales at times overnight, whilst areas of heavy rain will probably move northwards during Sunday.


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“Although some places may stay dry, 30-40 mm could fall in 3-6 hours in a few spots.

“The rain will clear away northeastwards during the afternoon, but will be followed by heavy showers or thunderstorms in southwest England and perhaps Wales, which could give a further 20-30 mm in 1-2 hours.”

The Met Office yellow weather warning for rain is in place from 12:15am – 8pm Sunday.


By Tuesday Ex Hurricane Humberto will bring heavy rain and stronger winds to Merseyside.

The former Hurricane will have lost strength by the time it hits the UK, marking an end to the warmer weather.

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