The remnants of a Hurricane and a tropical storm will affect Merseyside this week


The UK will be impacted by ex Hurricane Dorian and ex Tropical Storm Gabrielle this week.

The remnants of Hurricane Dorian will mostly stay near Iceland through the middle of the week while sending a cold front into the UK from the northwest.

The remnants of the Hurricane will bring heavy rain and winds of up to 40 mph to Merseyside on Wednesday.

There’s also a risk of remnants of a tropical storm to also hit the UK.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Gabrielle, which is expected to move in around Thursday, will bring heavy rain and some strong winds.


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There is potential for Gabrielle to bring in some very wet and windy weather on Thursday and into Friday.

The Met Office say: “Largely cloudy throughout Monday, with outbreaks of rain slowly pushing southwards.

“The rain will be heavy and persistent at first, turning lighter and patchier through the day. Feeling cool.

“Sunny spells and isolated showers on Tuesday. Turning wet and windy overnight, with rain clearing to sunshine and showers by Wednesday.

“Damp on Thursday, and potentially turning windier too”.

Later on Friday and into the next weekend, high pressure looks increasingly likely to build in from the southwest, making for milder, calmer and drier weather for the weekend.


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