New Brighton and Liverpool Pier Head could be underwater in just 40 years time

New Brighton underwater by 2070

New Brighton and Liverpool Pier head could be underwater in just 40 years time

Large parts of Wirral and Liverpool could be underwater according to a climate change forecast map.

The map plots foretasted rising sea levels due to current climate change projections and it shows which areas could be lost to the sea.

The map was created by climate central and shows New Brighton and parts of Liverpool Pier head underwater by the year 2070.


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Birkenhead & Liverpool underwater by 2070

Sea levels could rise by just 1ft and could flood popular areas of Merseyside in just 40 years time if climate change is not tackled.

In order for seas to rise by this much global temperatures would need to increase by 2C.

If climate change doesn’t slow down then the worst case scenario map shows much of Leasowe, Bidston and the M53 completely underwater by the year 2200 as global temperatures increase by 4C.


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