Met Office issues rain weather warning as nearly a months worth of rainfall could fall on Merseyside


The Met Office has cancelled Merseyside’s weather warning for Thunderstorms but have instead issued a warning for heavy rain.

This is because a slow moving area of low pressure will bring heavy rain to some of the region.

Some areas could see up to 60mm of rainfall which is nearly the amount that falls over an entire month.


This could lead to some flooding, power cuts and delays to transport, there’s even still a slight risk of some thunder and lightning despite not being on a warning.

A forecaster at the Met office said: “Rain will be persistent and heavy in places across parts of central, northern and eastern England and northeast Wales at first on Wednesday.


“During the day rain may turn more showery in places but with a higher chance of thunderstorms by afternoon. Some parts of northern England could see as much as 40-60 mm of rain through Wednesday, while thunderstorms could produce as much as 30-40 mm in 1-2 hours.

“However, some places will miss the heaviest rainfall.”

Experts say that in July, the entire UK averages 10 days of rain, totalling 63 millimetres (2.5 inches).


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