What will the weather be like throughout July on Merseyside?

The first week of July is set to be 10C cooler than the weekend and it will be feeling much chillier.

Temperatures will remain at around 16C all through the first week of the new month, which is below average for the time of year.

Through the second week of July there is likely to be a good deal of fine and settled weather, however there may be cloudy and breezy with spells of rain at times.

Temperatures could be warm at times, although some cool nights are expected under any clearer skies.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast through the second half of July, however it is most likely that high pressure will dominate at the start of this period, bringing us a good deal of fine and settled weather.

By the last week of July the high pressure may move away from the UK. If this occurs we are likely to have some spells of breezier, more changeable weather.

Rainfall amounts are most likely to be near normal for the end of July, but with a risk of wetter conditions.

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