UK enjoys hottest June day in 40 years while Merseyside hampered by cloud

The UK enjoyed its hottest day of the year today as temperatures reached a sizzling 34C in Heathrow, making it the hottest June day in 40 years.

The hot weather is due warm air from Africa reaching Europe, sending temperatures soaring.

Although the warm temperatures and forecasts hinting that Merseyside would see highs of 26C, temps only managed 22C thanks to the cloud.

It still felt very warm when the sunshine did appear, but there were also bursts of heavy rain that popped up at times during the afternoon that were not in the forecast.

Temperatures will continue to cool down as we head into next week as a cold front moves in, temps will only manage 15C by Tuesday.

The Met Office say: “After a cloudy start on Sunday it will soon brighten up with sunny spells developing for most.

“Staying largely dry although the odd shower is possible. Breezy and feeling fresher. 

“Breezy on Monday with sunny spells and scattered showers. Tuesday and Wednesday look largely dry with sunny spells. Temperatures near normal, but feeling cool in the breeze.”

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