How hot will it get during the heatwave and how long will it last on Merseyside?

A very hot spell of weather is on the way for the UK this week which will lead to heatwave conditions.

The warm air that is currently baking parts of Europe to record temperatures will creep towards the UK sparking heat health alerts.

Merseyside will see temperatures rise by Friday as high pressure takes hold.

A heat health alert has been issued for much of the country as very hot conditions are expected.

The Met Office say: “Very warm or hot conditions are expected in the west of the country over the next few days, with these warmer conditions moving eastwards into the weekend.”

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How hot will it get?

Thursday will see highs of 25C with plenty of sunny spells on Merseyside.

Friday will see temperatures climb further and some areas could see the mercury hit 30C.

Saturday will be slightly cooler than Friday but still a very warm day with highs of 25C.

As the new week gets off to a start cooler air will arrive making the weather feel much fresher and dropping temperatures to 20C.

The Met Office say: “Any early cloud in the east of the region will clear quickly to leave a fine, dry and sunny day with plenty of warm sunshine and light winds on Thursday.

“Any early cloud in the east will quickly clear to leave another warm and sunny day on Friday, although breezier than on Thursday.

“Saturday, cooler than Friday with sunny spells and a small chance for an isolated shower.

“Cooler again on Sunday and Monday with scattered showers and a fresh breeze at times.”

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