Hay fever sufferers warned as thunderstorms set to trigger four days of very high pollen levels

Large parts of the country including Merseyside will see very high pollen levels over the weekend.

The very high levels will be from mainly grass pollen during Saturdays warm weather, and levels will continue to be very high through next week.

Storms are set to stir up pollen levels to very high through Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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When it’s very humid during a thunderstorm, the windy conditions blow lots of pollen and mould spores high into the air and the moisture higher up in the air breaks them into much smaller pieces.

The common symptoms of hay fever are itchiness, runny eyes and a blocked nose so if you suffer from hay fever it’s best you stay indoors before, during and after the storm, and keep the windows closed.

Also changing your clothes and have a shower when you’ve been outside to wash off any pollen is a good idea.

Asthma UK say on their website “When grass pollen levels are high, more people are admitted to hospital with asthma attacks – that’s why taking your asthma and hay fever medicines as prescribed is so important.”

The Met Office have extended the severe weather warnings for thunderstorms during next week.

Another day of severe weather is expected in addition to the two days that have already been issued.

Merseyside has been warned to expect heavy rain and ‘danger to life’ thunderstorms during Sunday, Monday and now Tuesday.

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